Merry X-Mas! And A Happy New Year!

Mangapolis has been so good this year that Manga Claus himself flew by in his mecha sleigh to wish all of us and all of you a merry merry christmas! Before I could take a picture of Manga Claus here at the Mangapolis HQ he had fly off in a hurry…*sadface*

But Manga Claus had time to give us this message before he had to go, and I quote: “Ho ho ho! This blog is the best Christmas present ever! I read it all the time, and so should YOU! Merry Christmas, everyone!”

Manga Claus´ own words, I swear it!

Anyway, enjoy this christmas present! Merry Christmas!



The Manga Theory of Relativity

Did you ever struggle to understand what all the fuss with Time Dilation is all about? No need to despair! A single manga will explain everything you need to know of the theory of relativity; The Manga Guide to Relativity!  What better way to study physics? I am the first to admit that I am no expert on the theory of relativity, but that is exactly why I love these easy-to-understand guides for us  dummies.

Graphic explanations of complex issues like the theory of relativity are extremely useful, just take a look at this video:


A Letter to Momo Review

At Oslo International Film Festival they had two screenings of A Letter to Momo, and I just had to see it! I didn´t reserve any tickets so I could not know for sure if any tickets were left for me as I walked up to the ticket booth. But Lo! and behold, the cinema gods blessed me with a movie ticket this day. And I was happy.

Can I just use this moment to say that the movie theaters at Cinemateket have the most comfy seats! If you haven’t experienced this yet, you should give it a try! In this review I will  just give a short summary of the first ten minutes of the movie. All the plots and events discussed here is presented to us at a very early point of the movie, so it should´t be considered as spoilers.

A letter to Momo is the story of a young girl named Momo  that has just lost her father. Struggling to overcome the loss of her father and also the struggle to adjust to her new life away from Tokyo on a small japanese island where Momo and her mother have moved. As a memory from her father Momo has a letter that has just the words “Dear Momo” written on it, and nothing else. It does indeed seem like it is an unfinished letter by her father. Right from the start it makes you ponder the origin and reason for this odd letter. Quite obviously the letter is connected to the death of Momo´s father, but we are left with no further explanation yet.

The small village on the island that Momo now inhabit are experiencing several strange occurrences, mainly petty theft and raiding of vegetable gardens. One might expect Hobbits are to blame, but the villagers blame it on wild boars that has been spotted in the area. A sound explanation, but at the same time Momo has her own strange discoveries. From her attic Momo starts to hear strange voices that only she can hear, not able to find anyone that believes her, she decides to investigate on her own. And this is the premise of the movie. From here the movie takes strange turns and full of weirdness. A great watch!