An Awesome Weekend at Seriefest!

Serieteket is one of my favorite places in Oslo! A library devoted to comics must be one of the most brilliant ideas in the history of man! Right up there with the invention of the wheel and the theory of relativity in my opinion.

When Serieteket this weekend had an event dedicated to comics – Mangapolis had to be a part of it. And we never regreted it! It was amazing! Therefore I would like to thank everbody that was part of this awesome festival and everyone that found their way to Seriefest this weekend.

Let´s make it annual!

Arabian Film Days with Aladdin April 19-21


To me my interest in japanese manga and anime is greatly fueled by nostalgia. Maybe I am the only one, but the memory of the great anime titles I watched several years ago and the manga titles I read eons ago is why I still enjoy the genre.

And it is in the name of nostalgia that I wish to mention the screening of Aladdin at this year´s Arabian Film Days at Cinemateket. If you watched this movie at young age like me and is a massive nostalgia junkie; don´t miss the screenings of Aladdin! And if you haven´t seen this movie on the big screen yet, you really should.