Mangapolis at Desucon 8

As some of you might remember I went to Desucon: Cosplay last year, and I had a great time there! It was my first real encounter with Desucon and my thoughts on this is documented here.

For those that would like to know; yes, I am going to Desucon 8! And not only that, Mangapolis will screen two anime movies this year at Desucon!!

Which great anime titles do we have for you guys this time, you ask?

Just give me a moment to give a fitting introduction, here goes:


And with that bombshell I give you title number 1: My Neighbor Totoro (1988)

This classic Studio Ghibli is such a feel-good movie that the universe is close to imploding on itself every time it is on screen. So this might very well be the last ever screening of My Neighbor Totoro and also the end of the universe as we know it! You wouldn´t miss that, would you?

And title number 2 at Desucon 8: Cowboy Bebop: The Movie (2001)

Cowboy Bebop the anime series was one of the first anime series I ever watched, and I was hooked!

I will see you at Desucon 8!

Why The Last Unicorn?



If you read this blog the last week you will know that Brandon Graham introduces the screening of The Last Unicorn at OCX. If not, read this blog post.

It is Brandon Graham that picked the movie The Last Unicorn for this screening. So when Mangapolis had a short chat with Graham we asked him why he decided on The Last Unicorn.

“I picked the last Unicorn because of how much I enjoyed it as a kid and how it led me into other anime. The first comic I ever drew was based off of the movie”, said Graham.
As explained on this blog earlier The Last Unicorn is part of Studio Ghibli´s history. Graham had this to say on that: “It’s part of a pre Ghibli era that along with the Hobbit and Thundercats was such a cool mix of Arthur Rackham and anime”
Arthur Rackman was a very influential british Book Illustrator of the early 20th century. The distinct style that Rackman adopted for his drawings was partly influenced by Japanese woodblock traditions.
“I really like seeing the mix of eastern and western styles”, said Graham as a final answer to our question.