Comparing Comics #2


Yes! It´s time to look at some more Superman and Astro Boy Covers! If you guys remember, I had a very brief comparison of Astro Boy and Superman in the first Comparing Comics issue. All comparisons in this series will be mostly in jest and should not be taken too serious.

As I promised, this week we will look at some action packed covers from Astro Boy and Superman, and I will not let you down! First off, let´s look at the most iconic Superman cover that exists, the first comic where Superman makes his appearance:


Looks like the civilians run away in fear from a Superman psychopath that likes to destroy cars, but I trust the Man of Tomorrow knows what he is doing.

Here´s Astro Boy in a similar pose:




Astro Boy sure has to destroy his share of robots throughout his career, always claiming that he doesn’t really want to:

1661 v17_front 1661 v23_front 1661 v24_front 1661 v10_front 1661 v14_front-1








Superman has his share of robot rumbles as well, but Superman doesn’t share Astro Boy´s compassion for robots´ feelings. I think Superman is just happy he can finally fight someone he can go all-out on:




To end this week´s Comparing Comics Astro Boy asked me to show this cover of him and his friend:

1661 v29_front

That´s nice, Astro Boy, you should consider to team up with Supergirl and her super-horse Comet.


Supergirl is a really cool superhero and can do amazing things, you would make a good team, Astro Boy. Isn´t that right, Comet?



You are sick, Comet, very very sick…

Alright, folks, that´s all for now, this has been Comparing Comics, and I will see you again next week!

Cameron´s Tease

Director James Cameron owns the right to a film adaptation of the manga Battle Angel Alita and he has had the rights for years, all the while saying that he is planning to make the movie. I believe I heard of it first back in 2003/2004. Unfortunately it will probably still be years before the movie hits the theaters.

In several interviews Cameron has stated that a film adaptation of the manga is not a priority before he can finish the Avatar Sequels. And knowing Hollywood there can be several sequels to Avatar if the next sequel is just as much a success as the original. According to this Norwegian article Cameron claims that plans for Battle Angel Alita will start in 2017.

Until then I will recommend the manga or the two episode Battle Angel OVA anime.


Comparing Comics


Welcome to this new article series where we shall compare famous and less famous comics! Today we will have a look at Superman and Astro Boy comic covers and panels. Two heroes that share a lot of traits.

Both Astro Boy and Superman are sort of outsiders in society; neither are human. Astro Boy is of course a robot and Superman is an alien being. A common theme for both heroes is their struggle to fit in. They both try to live normal human lives when they are not out fighting crime or saving the world (or both).


 209-1             201-1

The difference is that Astro Boy, contrary to Superman, is not unique in this world, there are other robots as well, even robots more powerful than Astro Boy.

RobotOrigin1 RobotOrigin4

If only Superman was still alive in year 2956 he wouldn´t be so unique either.


And apparently Superman died in 1956 and was placed in a glass mausoleum…

Next week I will compare some action packed Astro Boy and Superman covers and panels!

Star Wars Manga


I love adaptations, and you cant go wrong with a manga adaptation of the Star Wars movies! What a combo!

Sadly Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith were never released as a manga adaptation, but hey, as long as the original trilogy made it, I can´t really complain. Rather than making an adaptation of Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith I would like to see someone make a canonical manga Star Wars series with original stories and new and old character. They made a non-canonical Star Wars series back in 2006, but I never read it (I will if I can get hold of it).

I think the manga visual style works really well with the Star Wars Universe. At least the Star Wars comics I have read are usually very bland and have completely failed to impress me. So it is nice to see a different take on it for a change, and so far my eyes are not complaining.


My favorite scene from the movies (poor Jabba)


I have always hated Chewie´s roar/scream, so I am glad it´s not an audio comic




Anime Ninja Run!

If you ever watched Naruto (and other boy-ninja anime) you probably noticed that Naruto and others sometimes adopts a very special (and epic) ninja running pose with their arms stretched out behind them.


I am not sure if this would make you run faster in real life, but in anime the ninja run (as it is also known) seems to give you that little extra speed boost to not only get into the fighting faster, but also look cool as hell while getting there!

Check out this simple animation:

The famous ninja run might look epic and cool, but the same cannot be said about all other ninja run styles:

You see what I mean?

Hashtag Desucon

Mangapolis is now one more Desucon experience richer after Desucon 8. As always at anything related to Desucon I had great fun. Read all about my last visit to Desucon:Cosplay last year here. Yesterday I also wrote a short and personal article on my visit to Desucon 8 over at Check it out, folks!

As you will know by now Mangapolis screened Totoro and Cowboy Bebop at Desucon 8 and that was of course my main purpose for being there this year. But of course I could not resist getting sucked into the amazing world of Desucon! One of the things I really got into this year was Instagram, so every time I got the chance I would try to capture a small piece of the Desucon atmosphere with my smart phone camera and instantly tag it with #desucon on Instagram and Twitter. Check out Mangapolis´ Instagram and Twitter accounts for an in-depth coverage of Desucon 8 from the perspective of my camera.

Don´t hesitate to follow the accounts if you like them!