A Chance to Thank the Mangapolis Audience



Last year Mangapolis was first introduced at Films from the South and the response from the audience blew us away! The Mangapolis anime program at the film festival last year was very well attended and one of the anime movies on the porgram, Wolf Children, even won the audience award.

Because of this fantastic response from the audience Mangapolis could return to this year´s Films from the South Festival with confidence that anime was well liked and worth screening. And once again the audience blew us all away; an even bigger audience visited the Mangapolis program this year than last year!

Because of our fantastic audience Mangapolis will carry on and continue trying to meet audience demands for anime on the big screen.

Many many thanks to our audience and eternal gratitude from us in Mangapolis to you all for making this possible and inspiring us to carry on with the Mangapolis project. You made this possible. Once again: Arigatou!

Mangapolis at Desucon: Cosplay & Japan 2013


It´s that time again folks! A short report from Desucon: Cosplay & Japan 2013!

This is the second time I have been to Desucon: Cospay in Oslo, some might remember my first visit last year. At this time around my experience at the event would be a bit different. First of all, I had the experience from last year´s Desucon: Cosplay and Desucon 8 this summer, so I felt more prepared. Second, this year I was actually in the official event program with a short presentation of the Mangapolis Anime Program at Films from the South 2013 and also to talk a bit about the recently announced Mangapolis Comic.

Obviously, Desucon being Desucon, I had a whale of a time this year as well! The people were just as friendly and just as awesome as last year, if not even more so. My presentation went swimmingly and I had a great time hanging out in the “Chillrom” during both the drawing competitions.

This year I was accompanied by Frank Nam Kha Nguyễn, that was armed with his camera and as trigger-happy as humanly possible. All photos in this post are all shot by Frank.


Above is a photo of the “Chillrom” where the drawing competitions took place and where I, for that reason, spent a lot of my time at Desucon: Cosplay. I did not win any of the competitions btw.


Cosplay Speed Dating in process

The fun thing about Cosplay Speed Dating is that you must stay in character, so better hope you are not paired up with your arch nemesis!

IMG_1889 IMG_1891 IMG_1887

Some of all the awesome merchandise available at some of the many stands.

One of the main events at Desucon: Cosplay is of course the Desucon Cosplay Championship where the winner will go on to compete in EuroCosplay 2014.


The three finalists on stage, waiting for the verdict



The winner of Desucon Cosplay Championship that will go on to compete at EuroCosplay 2014 in the form of a Death Knight from World of Warcraft


The winner announced!


Master cosplayer and cosplay judge at Desucon: Cosplay, Tine Marie Riis. Here in a Spellthief Lux costume from League of Legends. Check out her facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/CosplayerTineMarieRiis

At Desu.no you can see even more photos from Desucon: Cosplay and even more costumes to admire. Perhaps you will be inspired to join the Cosplay Championship next year!

First Weekend with Anime at Films from the South


At Films from the South this weekend Sunday was Mangapolis day with a total of six screenings of anime at Oslo Kino. I would like to take the opportunity to thank all of those cool people that came to the screenings. And there was a lot of you! As last year Japanese Anime attract an audience. Not any audience either, the best audience in my opinion! And here is why: As I introduced several of the Mangapolis screenings I recognized that a lot of you were present at several of the anime screenings. Meaning that you must have had a very busy day, indeed! Thanks to you all!

Next weekend will not only be a Mangapolis day, it will be a Mangapolis WEEKEND! A total of ten anime screenings during the weekend. It´s mad! But you awesome people are just mad enough to handle it!

As always, check out Film from the South´s festival webpage for the full Mangapolis program (remember that you can also buy tickets directly from the site). And don´t forget to vote on your favorite movie at the festival to win the audience award (it is possible to vote at filmfrasor.no). I´m not gonna try to influence your votes, but last year the anime Wolf Children won the audience award, and it would be really cool if an anime ran away with the award this year as well.

A Few Easy Steps to Watch Anime at Films from the South


To make it super easy for all of us to get our injection of Anime during the Films from the South Festival you can now order tickets directly from filmfrasor.no. Just browse through the easy-to-use interface on the festival site and find the movies you like to watch; and simply order the tickets. It has never been easier!

See the full Mangapolis program here with trailers.

And don´t forget the Gotta Watch ´em All competition! Collect tickets stubs from six of the Anime films during the film festival and have a chance to win prices from Neo Tokyo and Oslo Kino. Read here for more info.

Gotta Watch ´Em All!

Mangapolis_gotta catch em all

At this years´ Films from the South watching anime will be a bit like a race! Collect tickets from six of the anime films on the Mangapolis program at the film festival and you can win vouchers from Neo Tokyo and movie tickets to a screening of a movie of your choice at Oslo Kino. See here for a full list of the Mangapolis program (now with trailers!). Make sure to stop by Neo Tokyo´s online store to find out what to spend your vouchers on.

Follow these simple steps to enter the competition:

1. See six anime movies at the festival

2. Keep the ticket stubs

3. Put the stubs in an envelope with your name and email

4. Deliver the envelope at NeoTokyo at Arkaden in Oslo no later than Tuesday October 22nd at 04.00 pm.

All winners will be contacted by email.

Can you watch ´em all?