Mangapolis at Oslo Comics Expo!


ocx-logo-1This year´s Oslo Comics Expo will once again take place at Serieteket at Grünerløkka June 7-8. That is reason enough to be riled up, of course, but what will blow your mind is that Mangapolis will be present this year with an awesome screening! As part of the opening night Oslo Comics Expo and Mangapolis will give you the animated movie The Last Unicorn.

But hold on, I hear you say, The Last Unicorn, that´s an American movie, not an anime! Well, allow me to retort.

The Last Unicorn is indeed an American animated move. But here´s the twist: While the movie was produced in America the animation was done by a Japanese animation studio called Topcraft. But wait! There is more, Topcraft is the same studio that later would become Studio Ghibli! How awesome is that!

Convinced yet? Good! Then there is no excuse for missing out on this movie. The screening will be held at Ringen Kino on June 6th at 06:00 pm (as part of the opening night of Oslo Comics Expo). And you can buy your tickets here. See you there!



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