Soul: [Bound] – A Mystery Horror Comic in a Steam Punk World of Weird Science and Occult Powers

The first seven chapters of Soul: [Bound] are out. Are you one of those that wonder what this comic is about? Here, let me make a poor explanation for you that will probably leave you with even more questions.

What most people ask is what´s up with the name? The whole point of the name is that it is up for interpretation. What exactly hides behind the [Bound]-part? I can´t say, yet, but know that I have plans to reveal this at some point as the comic progresses.

The comic takes place in a victorian world of weird science, steam punk technology and mystical occult forces with no proper borders separating them. Obviously a premise for lots of crazy fun and strangeness! Right?

So, yeah, did that clear anything up for you? No? Oh well, here´s some links to the comic (or navigate the menu in the sidebar yourself if you prefer):

Soul: [Bound] – Chapter 1

Soul: [Bound] – Chapter 2

Soul: [Bound] – Chapter 3

Soul: [Bound] – Chapter 4

Soul: [Bound] – Chapter 5

Soul: [Bound] – Chapter 6

Soul: [Bound] – Chapter 7

Christmas Special 2013

Hope you like it and that you stick around to follow the story in the future!