Mangapolis at Desucon: Cosplay & Japan 2013


It´s that time again folks! A short report from Desucon: Cosplay & Japan 2013!

This is the second time I have been to Desucon: Cospay in Oslo, some might remember my first visit last year. At this time around my experience at the event would be a bit different. First of all, I had the experience from last year´s Desucon: Cosplay and Desucon 8 this summer, so I felt more prepared. Second, this year I was actually in the official event program with a short presentation of the Mangapolis Anime Program at Films from the South 2013 and also to talk a bit about the recently announced Mangapolis Comic.

Obviously, Desucon being Desucon, I had a whale of a time this year as well! The people were just as friendly and just as awesome as last year, if not even more so. My presentation went swimmingly and I had a great time hanging out in the “Chillrom” during both the drawing competitions.

This year I was accompanied by Frank Nam Kha Nguyễn, that was armed with his camera and as trigger-happy as humanly possible. All photos in this post are all shot by Frank.


Above is a photo of the “Chillrom” where the drawing competitions took place and where I, for that reason, spent a lot of my time at Desucon: Cosplay. I did not win any of the competitions btw.


Cosplay Speed Dating in process

The fun thing about Cosplay Speed Dating is that you must stay in character, so better hope you are not paired up with your arch nemesis!

IMG_1889 IMG_1891 IMG_1887

Some of all the awesome merchandise available at some of the many stands.

One of the main events at Desucon: Cosplay is of course the Desucon Cosplay Championship where the winner will go on to compete in EuroCosplay 2014.


The three finalists on stage, waiting for the verdict



The winner of Desucon Cosplay Championship that will go on to compete at EuroCosplay 2014 in the form of a Death Knight from World of Warcraft


The winner announced!


Master cosplayer and cosplay judge at Desucon: Cosplay, Tine Marie Riis. Here in a Spellthief Lux costume from League of Legends. Check out her facebook page:

At you can see even more photos from Desucon: Cosplay and even more costumes to admire. Perhaps you will be inspired to join the Cosplay Championship next year!

Hashtag Desucon

Mangapolis is now one more Desucon experience richer after Desucon 8. As always at anything related to Desucon I had great fun. Read all about my last visit to Desucon:Cosplay last year here. Yesterday I also wrote a short and personal article on my visit to Desucon 8 over at Check it out, folks!

As you will know by now Mangapolis screened Totoro and Cowboy Bebop at Desucon 8 and that was of course my main purpose for being there this year. But of course I could not resist getting sucked into the amazing world of Desucon! One of the things I really got into this year was Instagram, so every time I got the chance I would try to capture a small piece of the Desucon atmosphere with my smart phone camera and instantly tag it with #desucon on Instagram and Twitter. Check out Mangapolis´ Instagram and Twitter accounts for an in-depth coverage of Desucon 8 from the perspective of my camera.

Don´t hesitate to follow the accounts if you like them!

Mangapolis at Desucon 8

As some of you might remember I went to Desucon: Cosplay last year, and I had a great time there! It was my first real encounter with Desucon and my thoughts on this is documented here.

For those that would like to know; yes, I am going to Desucon 8! And not only that, Mangapolis will screen two anime movies this year at Desucon!!

Which great anime titles do we have for you guys this time, you ask?

Just give me a moment to give a fitting introduction, here goes:


And with that bombshell I give you title number 1: My Neighbor Totoro (1988)

This classic Studio Ghibli is such a feel-good movie that the universe is close to imploding on itself every time it is on screen. So this might very well be the last ever screening of My Neighbor Totoro and also the end of the universe as we know it! You wouldn´t miss that, would you?

And title number 2 at Desucon 8: Cowboy Bebop: The Movie (2001)

Cowboy Bebop the anime series was one of the first anime series I ever watched, and I was hooked!

I will see you at Desucon 8!

2013: Dates of Interest


No, not that kind of dates

…but just as tasty are these dates:

April 26-28: Seriefest

June 7-8: Oslo Comic Expo

June 29-30: Desucon8

October 10-20: Films from the South

At Seriefest, as you already know, Mangapolis is represented, as for the others…you will just have to wait and see…

Now, how about them dates?