Big Announcement (with TheNotoriousGorilla)


I, the most feared and infamous of gorilla themed super villains, has been elected to announce perhaps the biggest news of the century! When I first came to the city of Mangapolis I was just another run of the mill super intelligent gorilla, but Mangapolis made me so much more! I am truly a child of this city.


Whatever your desire, Mangapolis is the place to find it!


Ok, almost every desire…go away, Perv-Comet!

So what is this great news, you ask? Well, I think it is only one way to announce this…

BOOM! Mangapolis The Comic!




Well, maybe this doesn´t really work with a script after all…it looked better in the mirror…ok, here´s a close-up:


Excited yet? 

Wouldn´t it be great to get the chance to dive into the fantastic world of Mangapolis?


So stay tuned, folks!