Gnome Henchman Character Design

Hi everybody!

Ah, the trusted henchmen of evil. They come in all kinds, don´t they?

I will design two of these henchmen to serve at the heels of my main villain in a story arc I am producing at the moment.  For the two henchmen I wanted two different supernatural beings. But I didn´t want any supernatural creature that has been used too much, like vampires, skeletons, werewolves etc (at least not in this particular case).

What I settled on for the first henchman was an evil-looking gnome. After all, what is scarier than a garden gnome, right? I wanted the gnome to look a bit like the traditional garden gnome, but more gritty and worn-down in a way.

Here is one of the first sketches I made:




I dropped the traditional jacket that you find on most garden gnomes since I thought it looked a bit too friendly.


First I thought maybe this gnome would be all crazed and short-tempered, but then I decided against it and I wanted him to be more murderous and more the look of someone that will get things done clean and efficient. So I messed around with a few sketches and at this point I have landed on something like the images below:






I really liked his big polished shoes in contrast to the rest of his scruffy clothes. Still a work in progress, of course. Perhaps I should consider that jacket…?

The second henchman, you ask? All in good time.