Wolf Children To-Do List


As hinted at in the previous post Film fra Sør Distribusjon has decided to distribute Wolf Children for the big screen in Norway. And the movie is already ready for screenings in Bergen, Trondheim and Oslo from the November 15th 2013, with more norwegian cities pending.

Firstly, one of the reasons Films from the South decided to distribute Wolf Children at all was because the incredible reception the movie has enjoyed at Films from the South Festival in 2012 and 2013. So all those that took the time to drop by to watch Wolf Children has indirectly helped the launch of Wolf Children to commercial cinema.

Second, you might not realize this, but if Film fra Sør Distribusjon picked Wolf Children by those criteria, there is no reason not to think that more anime will be picked in the same way in the future if people keep showing interest for anime at film festivals.

Film festivals are the perfect place to test films for the market. And as it stands now the anime films in the Mangapolis program, during Films from the South, has had two great years audience-wise. If this keeps up, we could help more anime films reach commercial cinema in Norway.

Oh yeah, the to-do list:

1. Go see Wolf Children on the big screen to support anime

2. Visit the Wolf Children Norge Facebook page and like it

3. Support anime at your local film festival to help influence the distribution of anime in Norway



A Few Easy Steps to Watch Anime at Films from the South


To make it super easy for all of us to get our injection of Anime during the Films from the South Festival you can now order tickets directly from filmfrasor.no. Just browse through the easy-to-use interface on the festival site and find the movies you like to watch; and simply order the tickets. It has never been easier!

See the full Mangapolis program here with trailers.

And don´t forget the Gotta Watch ´em All competition! Collect tickets stubs from six of the Anime films during the film festival and have a chance to win prices from Neo Tokyo and Oslo Kino. Read here for more info.

An Awesome Weekend at Seriefest!

Serieteket is one of my favorite places in Oslo! A library devoted to comics must be one of the most brilliant ideas in the history of man! Right up there with the invention of the wheel and the theory of relativity in my opinion.

When Serieteket this weekend had an event dedicated to comics – Mangapolis had to be a part of it. And we never regreted it! It was amazing! Therefore I would like to thank everbody that was part of this awesome festival and everyone that found their way to Seriefest this weekend.

Let´s make it annual!

2013: Dates of Interest


No, not that kind of dates

…but just as tasty are these dates:

April 26-28: Seriefest

June 7-8: Oslo Comic Expo

June 29-30: Desucon8

October 10-20: Films from the South

At Seriefest, as you already know, Mangapolis is represented, as for the others…you will just have to wait and see…

Now, how about them dates?

Seriefest at Serieteket from April 26th to the 28th

A celebration of comics and comic culture at Serieteket in Oslo at Schous Plass this April!

Deichmanske Grünerløkka gives us three days of Seriefest! And Mangapolis has been invited to screen Wolf Children, the movie that filled every screening to the brink at last years Films from the South Festival and ran away with two awards.

Introducing Wolf Children at Seriefest is Hans Ivar Stordal which is a well known citizen of Mangapolis. He was first introduced to us as the host in a Q&A with Eric Khoo (director of the animated movie Tatsumi) back in 2011. This time Hans Ivar will kick off the second day of Seriefest with a lecture on manga and anime. You can read Hans Ivar´s blog here.

Don´t miss out on this year´s first major Mangapolis event at Serieteket April 27th