The Wind Rises Ready for Films from the South!


Greetings! For those that already visited today might have read the news that Hayao Miyazaki´s latest (and possibly last) film The Wind Rises is ready for Films from the South 2013! That will be the first screening of The Wind Rises in Norway before it is ready for regular cinema screenings in 2014.

The Wind Rises is a story of Jiro Horikoshi, the designer of the legendary Japanese Zero fighter aircraft that played a key role during WW2. All you history buffs out there will know how feared and efficient killing machine the Zero was; obviously a hell of a design. The movie is however not about the Zero, but rather a story of a young boy dreaming of taking to the skies. This dream leads him to study engineering and eventually become an aircraft designer. Which takes him into employment at an aircraft manufacturer where he is put to work on fighter plane designs. Weapons of war. Needless to say, the subject of the movie is controversial. But the movie is more about one man´s dream and a  how he makes that particular dream come true than a political commentary on war and peace.

In any case it is simply amazing that this movie will screen at Films from the South 2013 and not only that, it is the closing movie of the festival. The first anime to have that honor. Let´s make it annual, I´ll say!

The Wind Rises is the second anime movie that is officially ready for Films from the South 2013, the first was 009 RE:Cyborg confirmed way back in June. There will be more Japanese anime at the festival as part of the Mangapolis programme. All the anime titles will be released with the rest of the titles for the festival on on September 27th, so make sure you drop by there then!


Also, keep your eyes peeled for possible early sneak peeks here as well. wink wink nudge nudgeEricTerry






Real Life Monsters of Fantasy!

Hi, folks!

Randomly searching the internets I stumbled over some pictures of a creature, not of fantasy and horror, but of the natural world. Boring, I hear you say, but NO! Popular culture, mythology and the human imagination sometimes take inspiration from the natural world to form Real Life Monsters of Fantasy! Nothing boring about that, is it?

Today we will look at the Real Life Monster of Fantasy that goes by the name Goblin Shark.

Goblin Shark 1



The name Goblin Shark is actually a direct translation from its old Japanese name Tenguzame, which derives from Tengu, a Japanese mythical creature.



The shark´s gargantuan nose is of course why it was compared to it´s long-nosed Tengu counterpart.

To me the whole face of the Goblin Shark remind me of goblins in popular culture. Here are some images from goblins in World of Warcraft, Magic: The Gathering and Warhammer Fantasy Battles:



3night-goblinsstf69_goblinGuide stf69_shortcutter stf69_goblin1 WoW_cataclysm_Goblin_by_godofallgodofdeath

Isn´t that weird?


Liar! You just did a google search for Tengu didn´t you? Just look at this:

Toshihide kyosaitengu kuniyoshitengu

Who knows what inspired whom. And that is why we have Real Life Monsters of Fantasy!