Gnome Henchman Character Design

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Ah, the trusted henchmen of evil. They come in all kinds, don´t they?

I will design two of these henchmen to serve at the heels of my main villain in a story arc I am producing at the moment.  For the two henchmen I wanted two different supernatural beings. But I didn´t want any supernatural creature that has been used too much, like vampires, skeletons, werewolves etc (at least not in this particular case).

What I settled on for the first henchman was an evil-looking gnome. After all, what is scarier than a garden gnome, right? I wanted the gnome to look a bit like the traditional garden gnome, but more gritty and worn-down in a way.

Here is one of the first sketches I made:




I dropped the traditional jacket that you find on most garden gnomes since I thought it looked a bit too friendly.


First I thought maybe this gnome would be all crazed and short-tempered, but then I decided against it and I wanted him to be more murderous and more the look of someone that will get things done clean and efficient. So I messed around with a few sketches and at this point I have landed on something like the images below:






I really liked his big polished shoes in contrast to the rest of his scruffy clothes. Still a work in progress, of course. Perhaps I should consider that jacket…?

The second henchman, you ask? All in good time.


Work on the Mangapolis Comic continues. At this early stage there is mostly work on the script, backstory and pile after pile of sketches (some of which can be seen on the Mangapolis Instagram account). But today we have something more than just character design sketches, a bit from the comic itself; introducing Patrick Giles, one of the main characters. And by the looks of it, he is in a bit of trouble:


Patrick Giles is a meddler in the supernatural and his meddling has earned him quite a reputation among both the mundane and the supernatural population of Mangapolis. Making him a notorious villain to both factions. Not an easy situation.

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Instagram Sketches

For those that have been following my twitter and instagram account over the summer would have noticed that I have posted sketches that I have drawn. They might seem completely random, but in fact they can give clues to future content in the Mangapolis Comic that I announced last week. There will be more of these sketches, so remember to follow the Mangapolis instagram and twitter account for an instant (no pun intended) update on the development of the Mangapolis Comic.

For those that missed out this summer, here are some of the concept sketches:

IMG_20130818_165507 IMG_20130804_025129 IMG_20130803_235917


IMG_20130715_210447 IMG_20130707_231505

Hashtag Desucon

Mangapolis is now one more Desucon experience richer after Desucon 8. As always at anything related to Desucon I had great fun. Read all about my last visit to Desucon:Cosplay last year here. Yesterday I also wrote a short and personal article on my visit to Desucon 8 over at Check it out, folks!

As you will know by now Mangapolis screened Totoro and Cowboy Bebop at Desucon 8 and that was of course my main purpose for being there this year. But of course I could not resist getting sucked into the amazing world of Desucon! One of the things I really got into this year was Instagram, so every time I got the chance I would try to capture a small piece of the Desucon atmosphere with my smart phone camera and instantly tag it with #desucon on Instagram and Twitter. Check out Mangapolis´ Instagram and Twitter accounts for an in-depth coverage of Desucon 8 from the perspective of my camera.

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