Free screenings of Japanese Anime at Oslo Comics Expo June 11th -13th


Yes, free. FREE! No catch. Promise.

Mangapolis, Films from the South and The Japan Foundation are, together with Oslo Comics Expo, planing to host free screenings of Japanese Anime at Ringen Kino in Oslo.

The movies in question are Mind Game (2004), Genius Party (2007) and Genius Party Beyond (2008). Free Screenings is exactly what it sounds like, no entrance fee to see the movie! To avoid complete chaos, you will still have to claim a free ticket at Ringen Kino from May 29th

First come, first serve.


Why The Last Unicorn?



If you read this blog the last week you will know that Brandon Graham introduces the screening of The Last Unicorn at OCX. If not, read this blog post.

It is Brandon Graham that picked the movie The Last Unicorn for this screening. So when Mangapolis had a short chat with Graham we asked him why he decided on The Last Unicorn.

“I picked the last Unicorn because of how much I enjoyed it as a kid and how it led me into other anime. The first comic I ever drew was based off of the movie”, said Graham.
As explained on this blog earlier The Last Unicorn is part of Studio Ghibli´s history. Graham had this to say on that: “It’s part of a pre Ghibli era that along with the Hobbit and Thundercats was such a cool mix of Arthur Rackham and anime”
Arthur Rackman was a very influential british Book Illustrator of the early 20th century. The distinct style that Rackman adopted for his drawings was partly influenced by Japanese woodblock traditions.
“I really like seeing the mix of eastern and western styles”, said Graham as a final answer to our question.

Getting to know Brandon Graham

As you know from reading my earlier blogpost here and from Oslo Comics Expo´s webpage one of the guests at this years OCX is Brandon Graham. As proof of what a great guy he is Brandon has agreed to say a few wise words to introduce our screening of The Last Unicorn at OCX.

Let me therefore use this moment to get more familiar with Brandon Graham and his work. First off, a great start would be to visit his blog or to follow him on twitter, we do live in the 21st century you know! Failing that, I guess you will just have to continue reading my very short summary below.

Brandon Graham is an American comic book writer and illustrator. One of his better known works is King City, a manga published by Tokyopop. King City is a comic notorious for its humor and truckloads of puns. I found this article from 2009 to be a good introduction to King City and also the complications that Graham encountered doing King City Vol.2. King City earned Graham the Eisner Award in 2007.

Other works include Multiple Warheads and scriptwriting for Image Comic´s Prophet. Here´s a few examples of cover art by Brandon Graham in his very distinct style.

Cover Art Godzilla: The Half-Century War #3

Cover Art Godzilla: The Half-Century War #3

Cover Art Elephantmen #43 by Brandon Graham

Cover Art Elephantmen #43 by Brandon Graham


Here´s a fun little interview with Brandon Graham:

Im am really looking forward for OCX and I hope you guys are just as exiting as I am!

The screening of The Last Unicorn with an introduction by Brandon Graham will take place at Ringen Kino June 6th at 06:00 pm. And you can buy your tickets here. See you there!

Mangapolis at Oslo Comics Expo!


ocx-logo-1This year´s Oslo Comics Expo will once again take place at Serieteket at Grünerløkka June 7-8. That is reason enough to be riled up, of course, but what will blow your mind is that Mangapolis will be present this year with an awesome screening! As part of the opening night Oslo Comics Expo and Mangapolis will give you the animated movie The Last Unicorn.

But hold on, I hear you say, The Last Unicorn, that´s an American movie, not an anime! Well, allow me to retort.

The Last Unicorn is indeed an American animated move. But here´s the twist: While the movie was produced in America the animation was done by a Japanese animation studio called Topcraft. But wait! There is more, Topcraft is the same studio that later would become Studio Ghibli! How awesome is that!

Convinced yet? Good! Then there is no excuse for missing out on this movie. The screening will be held at Ringen Kino on June 6th at 06:00 pm (as part of the opening night of Oslo Comics Expo). And you can buy your tickets here. See you there!



2013: Dates of Interest


No, not that kind of dates

…but just as tasty are these dates:

April 26-28: Seriefest

June 7-8: Oslo Comic Expo

June 29-30: Desucon8

October 10-20: Films from the South

At Seriefest, as you already know, Mangapolis is represented, as for the others…you will just have to wait and see…

Now, how about them dates?