Free screenings of Japanese Anime at Oslo Comics Expo June 11th -13th


Yes, free. FREE! No catch. Promise.

Mangapolis, Films from the South and The Japan Foundation are, together with Oslo Comics Expo, planing to host free screenings of Japanese Anime at Ringen Kino in Oslo.

The movies in question are Mind Game (2004), Genius Party (2007) and Genius Party Beyond (2008). Free Screenings is exactly what it sounds like, no entrance fee to see the movie! To avoid complete chaos, you will still have to claim a free ticket at Ringen Kino from May 29th

First come, first serve.


Anime at Frame by Frame March 15th at Filmens Hus


The annual Frame by Frame animation seminar is back at Filmens Hus/Cinemateket March 15th. The great thing about FxF is the intimate and laid-back format of the seminar. A great place to get familiar with the animation industry and to have conversations with both the veterans and rookies in animation. If you have a good idea for an animation and looking for a place to discuss it with those in the industry; FxF is the place for you. Bring your portfolio!

This year Japanese animation is represented by a screening of Miyazaki´s The Wind Rises (2013) and special guest Aya Suzuki. Tickets for the movie is included in the seminar pass.

For those not familiar with Aya Suzuki; she is an animator that has worked on some of the major anime productions in Japan, including The Wind Rises (2013) and Wolf Children (2012) that are both titles which has screened under the Mangapolis Anime Programme at Films from the South.

Please check out Aya´s blog here.

Together with Films from the South we at Mangapolis will hold an interview with Aya Suzuki that will be posted both at this site and over at So after you meet her at FxF you get another chance to know more about her in our interview.

Oh yeah, before I forget to mention it; Lars Hemmingby will hold a short presentation of the Mangapolis Comic at FxF. A showcase of concept art from the horror-gothic-steam punk-weird science-film noiresque-murder mystery-zombie-extravaganza-o-rama-tron-o-matic that is Mangapolis: The Comic.

Frame by Frame poster by Christopher Nielsen



Work on the Mangapolis Comic continues. At this early stage there is mostly work on the script, backstory and pile after pile of sketches (some of which can be seen on the Mangapolis Instagram account). But today we have something more than just character design sketches, a bit from the comic itself; introducing Patrick Giles, one of the main characters. And by the looks of it, he is in a bit of trouble:


Patrick Giles is a meddler in the supernatural and his meddling has earned him quite a reputation among both the mundane and the supernatural population of Mangapolis. Making him a notorious villain to both factions. Not an easy situation.

Just a small update to spark your curiosity, stay tuned for more updates and make sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram for some drips and drops of content from the Mangapolis Comic Project. Earlier updates here and here.

Thank you for dropping by!


Wolf Children To-Do List


As hinted at in the previous post Film fra Sør Distribusjon has decided to distribute Wolf Children for the big screen in Norway. And the movie is already ready for screenings in Bergen, Trondheim and Oslo from the November 15th 2013, with more norwegian cities pending.

Firstly, one of the reasons Films from the South decided to distribute Wolf Children at all was because the incredible reception the movie has enjoyed at Films from the South Festival in 2012 and 2013. So all those that took the time to drop by to watch Wolf Children has indirectly helped the launch of Wolf Children to commercial cinema.

Second, you might not realize this, but if Film fra Sør Distribusjon picked Wolf Children by those criteria, there is no reason not to think that more anime will be picked in the same way in the future if people keep showing interest for anime at film festivals.

Film festivals are the perfect place to test films for the market. And as it stands now the anime films in the Mangapolis program, during Films from the South, has had two great years audience-wise. If this keeps up, we could help more anime films reach commercial cinema in Norway.

Oh yeah, the to-do list:

1. Go see Wolf Children on the big screen to support anime

2. Visit the Wolf Children Norge Facebook page and like it

3. Support anime at your local film festival to help influence the distribution of anime in Norway



Mangapolis at Desucon: Cosplay & Japan 2013


It´s that time again folks! A short report from Desucon: Cosplay & Japan 2013!

This is the second time I have been to Desucon: Cospay in Oslo, some might remember my first visit last year. At this time around my experience at the event would be a bit different. First of all, I had the experience from last year´s Desucon: Cosplay and Desucon 8 this summer, so I felt more prepared. Second, this year I was actually in the official event program with a short presentation of the Mangapolis Anime Program at Films from the South 2013 and also to talk a bit about the recently announced Mangapolis Comic.

Obviously, Desucon being Desucon, I had a whale of a time this year as well! The people were just as friendly and just as awesome as last year, if not even more so. My presentation went swimmingly and I had a great time hanging out in the “Chillrom” during both the drawing competitions.

This year I was accompanied by Frank Nam Kha Nguyễn, that was armed with his camera and as trigger-happy as humanly possible. All photos in this post are all shot by Frank.


Above is a photo of the “Chillrom” where the drawing competitions took place and where I, for that reason, spent a lot of my time at Desucon: Cosplay. I did not win any of the competitions btw.


Cosplay Speed Dating in process

The fun thing about Cosplay Speed Dating is that you must stay in character, so better hope you are not paired up with your arch nemesis!

IMG_1889 IMG_1891 IMG_1887

Some of all the awesome merchandise available at some of the many stands.

One of the main events at Desucon: Cosplay is of course the Desucon Cosplay Championship where the winner will go on to compete in EuroCosplay 2014.


The three finalists on stage, waiting for the verdict



The winner of Desucon Cosplay Championship that will go on to compete at EuroCosplay 2014 in the form of a Death Knight from World of Warcraft


The winner announced!


Master cosplayer and cosplay judge at Desucon: Cosplay, Tine Marie Riis. Here in a Spellthief Lux costume from League of Legends. Check out her facebook page:

At you can see even more photos from Desucon: Cosplay and even more costumes to admire. Perhaps you will be inspired to join the Cosplay Championship next year!

Gotta Watch ´Em All!

Mangapolis_gotta catch em all

At this years´ Films from the South watching anime will be a bit like a race! Collect tickets from six of the anime films on the Mangapolis program at the film festival and you can win vouchers from Neo Tokyo and movie tickets to a screening of a movie of your choice at Oslo Kino. See here for a full list of the Mangapolis program (now with trailers!). Make sure to stop by Neo Tokyo´s online store to find out what to spend your vouchers on.

Follow these simple steps to enter the competition:

1. See six anime movies at the festival

2. Keep the ticket stubs

3. Put the stubs in an envelope with your name and email

4. Deliver the envelope at NeoTokyo at Arkaden in Oslo no later than Tuesday October 22nd at 04.00 pm.

All winners will be contacted by email.

Can you watch ´em all?