Ni No Kuni

If you followed me at Twitter @mangapolis you would know that I am currently playing Ni No Kuni whenever I get the chance. Maybe one day I can make a review on it.

For now I can give you some links to a couple of playthroughs, both of them made me wanna play this game so bad, so I hope it will spark the same desire in you guys.

Here´s a playthrough by the always jolly InTheLittleWood:

And here´s the link to the playthrough by Vintage Beef. “Dude, you have a lantern on your nose!”

For those that do not know Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch is a video game for Playstation 3 made by Level-5 and Studio Ghibli. It is very story driven, and at times feels a bit like a Studio Ghibli film. The animation and creatures are all very classic Studio Ghibli. This game is a real treat if you like Studio Ghibli! 

Also, earlier this year Teen Madness and Mangapolis had a visit by Karl from Level Up at VGTV that gave a short introduction to the game. You can read about that experiance here.

Why The Last Unicorn?



If you read this blog the last week you will know that Brandon Graham introduces the screening of The Last Unicorn at OCX. If not, read this blog post.

It is Brandon Graham that picked the movie The Last Unicorn for this screening. So when Mangapolis had a short chat with Graham we asked him why he decided on The Last Unicorn.

“I picked the last Unicorn because of how much I enjoyed it as a kid and how it led me into other anime. The first comic I ever drew was based off of the movie”, said Graham.
As explained on this blog earlier The Last Unicorn is part of Studio Ghibli´s history. Graham had this to say on that: “It’s part of a pre Ghibli era that along with the Hobbit and Thundercats was such a cool mix of Arthur Rackham and anime”
Arthur Rackman was a very influential british Book Illustrator of the early 20th century. The distinct style that Rackman adopted for his drawings was partly influenced by Japanese woodblock traditions.
“I really like seeing the mix of eastern and western styles”, said Graham as a final answer to our question.

Mangapolis at Oslo Comics Expo!


ocx-logo-1This year´s Oslo Comics Expo will once again take place at Serieteket at Grünerløkka June 7-8. That is reason enough to be riled up, of course, but what will blow your mind is that Mangapolis will be present this year with an awesome screening! As part of the opening night Oslo Comics Expo and Mangapolis will give you the animated movie The Last Unicorn.

But hold on, I hear you say, The Last Unicorn, that´s an American movie, not an anime! Well, allow me to retort.

The Last Unicorn is indeed an American animated move. But here´s the twist: While the movie was produced in America the animation was done by a Japanese animation studio called Topcraft. But wait! There is more, Topcraft is the same studio that later would become Studio Ghibli! How awesome is that!

Convinced yet? Good! Then there is no excuse for missing out on this movie. The screening will be held at Ringen Kino on June 6th at 06:00 pm (as part of the opening night of Oslo Comics Expo). And you can buy your tickets here. See you there!



An Awesome Weekend at Seriefest!

Serieteket is one of my favorite places in Oslo! A library devoted to comics must be one of the most brilliant ideas in the history of man! Right up there with the invention of the wheel and the theory of relativity in my opinion.

When Serieteket this weekend had an event dedicated to comics – Mangapolis had to be a part of it. And we never regreted it! It was amazing! Therefore I would like to thank everbody that was part of this awesome festival and everyone that found their way to Seriefest this weekend.

Let´s make it annual!