Work on the Mangapolis Comic continues. At this early stage there is mostly work on the script, backstory and pile after pile of sketches (some of which can be seen on the Mangapolis Instagram account). But today we have something more than just character design sketches, a bit from the comic itself; introducing Patrick Giles, one of the main characters. And by the looks of it, he is in a bit of trouble:


Patrick Giles is a meddler in the supernatural and his meddling has earned him quite a reputation among both the mundane and the supernatural population of Mangapolis. Making him a notorious villain to both factions. Not an easy situation.

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Real Life Monsters of Fantasy!

Hi, folks!

Randomly searching the internets I stumbled over some pictures of a creature, not of fantasy and horror, but of the natural world. Boring, I hear you say, but NO! Popular culture, mythology and the human imagination sometimes take inspiration from the natural world to form Real Life Monsters of Fantasy! Nothing boring about that, is it?

Today we will look at the Real Life Monster of Fantasy that goes by the name Goblin Shark.

Goblin Shark 1



The name Goblin Shark is actually a direct translation from its old Japanese name Tenguzame, which derives from Tengu, a Japanese mythical creature.



The shark´s gargantuan nose is of course why it was compared to it´s long-nosed Tengu counterpart.

To me the whole face of the Goblin Shark remind me of goblins in popular culture. Here are some images from goblins in World of Warcraft, Magic: The Gathering and Warhammer Fantasy Battles:



3night-goblinsstf69_goblinGuide stf69_shortcutter stf69_goblin1 WoW_cataclysm_Goblin_by_godofallgodofdeath

Isn´t that weird?


Liar! You just did a google search for Tengu didn´t you? Just look at this:

Toshihide kyosaitengu kuniyoshitengu

Who knows what inspired whom. And that is why we have Real Life Monsters of Fantasy!


Comparing Comics


Welcome to this new article series where we shall compare famous and less famous comics! Today we will have a look at Superman and Astro Boy comic covers and panels. Two heroes that share a lot of traits.

Both Astro Boy and Superman are sort of outsiders in society; neither are human. Astro Boy is of course a robot and Superman is an alien being. A common theme for both heroes is their struggle to fit in. They both try to live normal human lives when they are not out fighting crime or saving the world (or both).


 209-1             201-1

The difference is that Astro Boy, contrary to Superman, is not unique in this world, there are other robots as well, even robots more powerful than Astro Boy.

RobotOrigin1 RobotOrigin4

If only Superman was still alive in year 2956 he wouldn´t be so unique either.


And apparently Superman died in 1956 and was placed in a glass mausoleum…

Next week I will compare some action packed Astro Boy and Superman covers and panels!